The Oxibox solution guarantees the restoration of all of your backed up data.

Our Oxirescue restoration interface goes up the tree of the backed up disk to recover your vital data in just 3 clicks. From a simple file to a complete virtual machine, Oxirescue offers you powerful access to all of your data.

Intuitive search

Quickly restore the file of your choice with our intuitive calendar navigation.
Oxibox technology allows unlimited and configurable versioning of your files, allowing you to access the most appropriate version of your data.a plus appropriée de vos données.

Catering capacity

R2V Oxibox technology generates a bootable virtual machine from a traditional flat file backup. You combine the advantages and flexibility of a deduplicated incremental backup while having access to complete system images. It is thus possible to guarantee that the restored systems have the same security updates as the source systems.

Garanteed restoration

Optimize your RPO and RTO thanks to high data availability. Oxibox allows immediate recovery of activity whatever the disaster and restoration of 100% of data in just 3 clicks.