Instant restart

after a cyberattack

Oxibox is the turnkey secure backup solution able to

guarantee instant restoration after a cyberattack.

New-generation secure backup


3-2-1-1 backup, easy

Simple, reliable, secure backups : 3 copies of backups on two separate devices, with 1 offsite and 1 disconnected, according to most CSIRT’s recommandations.

Disconnected backups

Your backups are safe from corruption with our disconnection technology, enabling isolation of backups from the network.

Instant restoration

Disaster recovery in a few clicks and easy restoration to restart quickly no matter what.

Data encryption

At source encryption makes sure that noone (not even us!) can access your backups, making them safe from attackers. Our technology enables deduplication with at-source encryption, for a no-compromise approach.

Quick and easy deployment

Deployment in less than 30 minutes in most environments. A quick install, easy configuration… And your backups are safe!

Backup all the things!

Universal backup to seamlessly protect endpoint, NAS servers, physical servers, virtual machines and cloud environments including M365 and Google Workspace

Universal compatiblity

Secure all OSes and devices
(Windows, Linux, iOS, QNAP, Synology, VMware…)

Our solutions


  • Backups stored in our GDPR-compliant European cloud.
  • Ransomware-proofing of backups by disconnection.
  • Real-time web-based administration.


  • 3-2-1-1 backup
    Instant compliance with most CSIRT’s recommandations.
  • Ransomware-proofing of backups by disconnection.
  • Remote cloud backuo included.


  • Deploy Oxibox’s disconnected filesystem in your own backup infrastructure.
  • Secure your backup in a single deployment with no impact on your backup operations

Oxiadmin, our web-based real-time centralized dashboard

Tailored for everyone

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