Deploy Oxibox onto your existing backup solution without any infrastructure modifications or service interruptions.

The solution that adapts to your own protection infrastructure.

Oxibox resilient storage is deployed within your existing storage infrastructure. Retain control, as no modification to your existing backup infrastructure is required. Data silos become resilient to attacks thanks to our patented technology: snapshots are never write-accessible.

For system administrators

Secure your backups at the storage level: easy deployment as middleware, independent of the current ACL implementation. No connection to your authentication systems to reduce the scope of potential attacks. The solution is completely autonomous and remotely configurable.

For integrators

Ensure the security of your clients’ backups and protect yourself from imperfect deployments. Oxibox is remotely configurable and easy to deploy on storage servers, including NAS.

Cost-effective storage

By integrating into your infrastructure, Oxibox Data Protection streamlines your existing deployments without additional investment.