Back up and protect your data with the 3-2-1-1 backup strategy compliant with ANSSI recommendations.

Cloud outsourcing

The data backed up on the appliance is fully outsourced to the Oxibox cloud. This outsourcing is standard in our offering.

Cloud outsourcing promotes collaboration and remote access. Geographically dispersed teams can access the same resources and work on collaborative projects in real-time, thereby facilitating productivity and efficiency.

Air gapping and data immuability

Air gapping is a security measure that involves physically isolating a computer system by completely disconnecting it from external networks, including the internet. In the Oxibox solution, this disconnection is achieved through software, enabling a cost-effective solution.

Oxibox for all

The Oxibox Plug-And-Protect solution seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure even if you already have a backup solution in place. Deployment occurs without concerns about architecture modifications or machine interruption.