Backup encrypted at source, locked & deduplicated

Encryption at the data source prevents information leaks and exploitation of saved data by attackers.

The backups are called “locked” and made inaccessible thanks to air gapping. This security measure logically isolates the data from the rest of the environment.

Deduplication guarantees efficient use of your storage resources as well as bandwidth.

Extensive compatibility

Our solution is cross-platform: designed to simply backup and restore all data, it adapts to all sources: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix, etc.

It supports LTO autoloaders as well as complex and virtualized application environments: VSS, VMWare ESX, Apple TimeMachine.

Incremental backup

Data is always transmitted in incremental mode.

The inverse differentials are stored on the backup silo to ensure historization.

The backup is synthesized at each transmission, allowing immediate access to the latest version, without reconstruction, and guaranteeing the integrity of the transmitted data.


Backup of cloud services is included in the solution to prevent the risk of shadow IT.

Cloud2box integrates storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. as well as the management of remote hypervisors.